Tankersley Welfare Hall Landscaping.

Following the last TPEG meeting where the topic was discussed, a draft plan of suggested changes to the layout of the grassed area was circulated to the TPEG Committee, Welfare Hall Management, TPC interested parties and the BMBC Parks Dept.

The circulation stressed that the suggested changes were just that – suggested, and further discussions and consultation would be appropriate.

There is some considerable support from the Welfare Hall to change the look of the existing layout in line with the suggested plan, and support for the same from the TPEG Committee, and interested TPC members.

On the 10th of June, there was a meeting with Jo Birch of the BMBC Parks Dept, Welfare Hall management, TPC members and TPEG representatives.

The result was that there was broad agreement that there is a need to change the area, and update plantings and design to reflect current trends. The end result will be to create shape, structure and appearance to compliment the updated look of the Welfare Hall.

BMBC Parks Dept agreed in principle with the design changes, and outlined the need for local groups to take care of maintenance of the new design.

The next step is some wider consultation on the finer detail, and as such this will be an agenda item on the next TPEG meeting which is scheduled for Monday the 12th of July 2021.

The meeting details will be circulated in due course, and if anyone has any suggestions, comments or wishes to offer help, please either attend that meeting or send us an email through the TPEG website.

Lets continue the great work in Tankersley and Pilley.