New Resident sends twitter wild

New resident of the Tankersley wildlife wetlands
New resident of the Tankersley wildlife wetlands

There is a new resident at the new Tankersley Wetlands on New Road. After some considerable effort over the summer by a number of TPEG members, the Tankersley Wetlands are officially open and welcomed an unusual migrant this week.

Donald, arrived a little tired and bedraggled after being blown slightly off course on his migration route, and found refuge on the wetlands. Donald a traditional resident of the beach a Cleethorpes, has dropped in as a welcome sign of better times to come, and it’s hoped that he will stay for a while.

This is a great sign that the application we have in place, to make the Tankersley Wetlands an area of Special Scientific Interest, should be supported once we are free of Europe and the pesky virus has left us all alone.

Donald, a Canard Jeune, is happily paddling around in his new found environment, safe in the knowledge that as there is a great big brick attached to his left leg, he will not be blown away in any December Gales.

Please enjoy this spectacle whilst he is good enough to remain with us. As a reminder please do NOT FEED HIM as he is full of enough wind already, and we don’t need any accidents.