How Do You Like Me NOW?

Dipping pond December 2019Look at the difference a little effort can make. In the summer we had a dry patch overgrown with brambles, ornamental grasses, weeds and all kinds of other stuff at the Dipping Pond in Tankersley.

Volunteers again  descended on the area and cut brambles back, and had a great tidy up – then guess what? There it is – the Dipping Pond. A bit of rain has helped but it’s inspiring for the coming spring season.

we will be having another final effort at this in the first couple of weeks of 2020. We would like to clear the bramble roots, remove the ornamental grass, and dig a bit of a trench to create a deep end for the pond to protect frog, toad and hopefully newt eggs in the spring.

We will let you know the date, and if you have an hour to spare, please give us a hand, encouragement or even some laughs to make the paddling and digging a bit easier.