Dipping Pond January Update

Saturday the 11th of January 2020 is now to be known as the Day of The MUD in Tankersley.

An enthusiastic group of souls braved the conditions for an exciting day of digging and weed removal. oh what fun we all had – all I can say is there had better be a few newts ready and waiting to move in to their new home.

The images below speak for themselves, we moved a massive amount of brambles, roots and all, litter, invasive grasses and all kinds of stuff. Now all neatly piled up for removal. Water just appeared as if by magic around us all.

It was a great effort from all those involved and THANKS VERY MUCH for taking the time to come along

Happy Mud Dancers in action How about those YELLEW VESTS Work In Progress Nice and neat piles waiting for collection Done for the Day