Community and Commercial Partnership

A TPEG member recently noticed an increase in litter in woodland. The litter was coming from skips belonging to a local company.

The company was Distinction Doors, who have always been supportive of our efforts. The issue was brought to their attention and resolved.

The problem was caused by relocation of their storage skips and a combination of windy weather and the skip doors being left open.

Their containers were left open by the fence adjacent to the woods. The paper, cardboard, polystyrene and cellophane was scattered over a large area.

Distinction doors sent their staff out on a couple of occasions to collect the litter, which is now almost zero.  This is due to the internal changes they made in relocation of their skips and mending the mesh fencing.
Thanks very much to DD once again, and the TPEG members involved for their help and positive action in this area