Bring Your Wellies!

Dipping pond December 2019
The Dipping Pond New Road, Tankersley

Remember this? Well it’s not rained for a while now, and we have a fully qualified bog in place – which is encouraging.

We now need to push on and finish this job and clear the site. This will allow a little romantic time for the frogs, toads and newts in the area to get it on before the spring. We can usually expect the amphibians to start laying eggs towards the end of February / beginning of March depending on the weather. So if we can get the final bits in place – like a romantic table for 2 with scented candles, wine, mood music and a few munchies we have done all that we can.

The intention is to have a bit of a work party in place on Saturday the 11th of January at 10am just like we did in October. It was great to see so many attending the initial effort that date, and we ask that you do so again, and even bring a few pals with you.

It’s pretty muddy there so bring some wellies and gloves. Small children will also be welcome as it’s an official mud fest – and we know that we all like that kind of stuff.

Please come along if you can, same rules apply as before and that is if you want to physically help please do so, if you want to but can’t, then come anyway as a bit of vocal support, logistics, banter, insults are always welcome that these things.

If you have any garden spades, forks, bush cutters, rose pruners – please bring those too

We should be at this for a couple of hours max, and in that time we want to:

  • Remove the remaining invasive grasses
  • Pull out the bramble roots that are left
  • Dig a bit of a deep end by the boardwalk

We are also in the process of completing a funding application to help with the project, and the more people we have in place helps to gain approval for that application.

If anyone has any bright ideas of what we need to do, please let us know either through Social Media or by using the link on the contact page to give us a call, or send an email.

Please come along and help / look / criticise or whatever on Saturday the 11th of January. It’s our space and it’s turning out to be a cracking little piece of environment we are uncovering.