Bird Nest Boxes

Would you like to have a bird box in your garden for our little feathered friends?

Imagine peering out of your kitchen window and witnessing Robins, Blue Tits, Sparrows and Golden Eagles taking small live creatures into their young to be ripped apart and consumed so that a new feathered predator can survive.

Oh the joys of nature at it’s best.

TPEG, being big on keeping the place tidy, encouraging wildlife and enhancing natural is asking for your help in recycling any suitable old timber you may have lying around the shed or living room somewhere to make new bird houses.

The timber needs to be stuff that you don’t need that probably will go to the tip, or best of all stuff that you have used or will never use. The best type of timber is old fence pales as they are about the right size.

The wood needs to be anywhere between 100mm to 150mm wide, between 15mm and 28mm thick and of any length. If you have anything lying around please let us know, and someone will collect it from you in a socially distanced manner of course, and then beaver away turning it into  new nesting sites.

The idea being that you could get one back for use in your own garden

The boxes are hand made by untrained, retired, bored or enthusiastic folk who really need something to do other than stare out of the window. That is a way of saying that they will all look slightly different, and may I say rustic, but they will do the job just nicely.

Add to that you are recycling your old stuff, helping nature and maybe making a small donation to the TPEG funds that we can spend in the future on other projects in our community.

Time is short just now as nesting time is here, so have a look around (you are not doing anything else just now are you?, and let us know if you can help with the pre loved timber.

The boxes can be fashioned into suitable homes for most types of bird depending on your needs. The ones in the images are setup for Blue Tit size and Robins. If you have any preference just let us know and as if by magic it will be done!!

Don’t delay or you could miss the opportunity of totally FREE collection of that old wood you never knew you had:)