Weekend litter picks

Weekend Litter Picks

On Saturday 1 May TPEG will be working in association with Tankersley Community Association (TCA) and organising a weekend litter pick.

The plan is to meet at the welfare hall at 1000 to collect the waste bags and then people can decide where they want to tidy in the parish. You can collect on Saturday morning, or, over the weekend whatever is best for you.

Barnsley Council will be collecting the waste on Monday form the following 4 designated points:
Outside the park opposite the school
On New Road near the bottom of Lidgett Lane
On New Road at the bottom of Pilley Green near the bus stop
The welfare car park

When we have finished, approx. 1230, we will be meeting back at the welfare hall and TCA have kindly agreed to give all volunteers a drink.

We are planning to do these every other month on the first Saturday

If anyone ahs any questions feel free to call David on 07970 818575

Thanks for your support