The Dipping pond by New Road, Tankersley is something that is undergoing a facelift.

Dipping Pond Location
Dipping Pond Location

There is a bit of history here, and a phantom newt somewhere, maybe or maybe not..

Either way a group of willing souls are in the process of restoring this area to it’s previously glory. To be honest it looks like it is having a bit of a bad hair day just now, but what a difference there will be come springtime.

This is how it looked in September 2019:


Dipping Pond Sept 2019
Dipping Pond Sept 2019

In October we had a wee meeting, and unbridled enthusiasm took over and battle commenced

Dipping Pond Digging Brambles
Definately water there and a boardwalk
Dipping Pond Digging Brambles
Dipping Pond Digging Brambles
Dipping Pond
Dipping Pond a couple of hours on a September afternoon makes a BIG difference
How about those YELLEW VESTS
Dipping Pond Dig in Action

November 2019

More effort required, to remove brambles, more brambles and invasive grass.

Dipping Pond November
Dipping Pond November – battle resumes
Dipping Pond November
Dipping Pond November – a damp muddy patch comes into view
Dipping Pond November Mud Bath
Dipping Pond November – a bigger mud bath
Dipping Pond November - a lone helper
Dipping Pond November – most of the invasive variegated grass has been removed

December 2019

Following another great effort, we definitely have the makings of a pond. There will be a last push in early January to finish the job for the arrival of the hoppers and crawlers in the spring.
Dipping pond December 2019

March 2020

7th March – tidy time 🙂
A group of willing volunteers took the task of thinning the small copse, and woodland area. A general tidy up, and an open for business notification for all the local amphibians to use the new facilities!
Thanks to all concerned, and here are a few images from the day: